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Free Plan

Free up to 10 Monthly Active Users

  • No credit card required

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited logins per user

  • Magic Link authentication

  • Biometric / WebAuthn authentication

  • User Logs



Up to 1000 Users

  • All previous tier features

  • Custom themes and branding

  • Blacklist/Whitelist

  • User Exports



Best for up to 5,000

Monthly Active Users

  • All previous tier features

  • Custom SMTP

  • 5 admins per account (coming soon)

  • No watermark (coming soon)



Best for 5,000+ Monthly Active Users
Unlimited Users

  • All previous tier features

  • Custom roles and claims

  • API Access and WebHooks

  • Custom OAuth Flows


  • Where can I download and install the WordPress plugin?
    You can install it here Open sourced code Please see the documentations here
  • What platforms are supported? Are Native Mobile Platforms supported?
    As we only have a Javascript SDK, we support any platforms or frameworks that support custom Javascript. Please check out our demo for quickstarts. We have examples in VanillaJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Webflow, WordPress, etc... in the documentation, please check them out for reference. As we are an OAuth 2.0 Provider, it should work with most web platforms, though some requires additional work like WordPress to override their custom Authentication, so please feel free to reference the open sourced code available for the WordPress Plugin as a reference to the possiblities.
  • Can I restrict users by email?
    Yes, we do have the whitelist and blacklist functionality to restrict or grant access to users by domain names or specific emails. It is only available on the paid tier.
  • How is sensitive information stored, like biometric information like Fingerprints and FaceIDs?
    As we are a passwordless provider, we do not store passwords, therefore, any potential breach of our system has nothing to leak unlike most password-centric providers, even password managers. Leveraging WebAuthn (Web Authentication) to handle the biometric flow, we only store the registered "Authenticator" against the user email to determine if the biometric information is verified by the "Authenticator" - Your Phone, Device, Laptop. Eg. FaceID on the IPhone, Windows Hello on Windows. At no point do we store any biometric information, it is all handled by your supported device, like the iPhone/Android phone or yubikey devices.


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No credit card required

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